The virtual world. It is the future of either gaming or life or I would say the same. I have never been before on SecondLife it was just introduced it to me just this year for my course. At first it was hard for me because I’m not really good at creating stuff. My mom used to tell me that I was creative back when I was little. Things change and I can tell my self that I’m bad at it right now.

SecondLife is an adult game by means of adult game not the ‘x rated one’ means it wont be able to understand by younger people because it usually is complicated. You have to be knowledgeable in order to do serious stuff. I never had this kind of experience in this kind of game. But I had experience regarding Java Script, HTML and C++ and other code. So when Isa introduced the coding in this game I was a bit excited about it because this side is where I’am familiar. Also I had played a lot of game. I never played that is similar to this, they keep saying about mine craft. I played it but I got bored.

This was a fun course for me. I wish I had more time learning this. At the end I learned things here in second life. Like it is a placed you can stay when you are bored. Even though this is an old game I still fine many people in places. I encountered people that are very nice to me and even helped with my other assignment and people that will just sure ignore you.

My experience in this course was hard but rewarding. Having from no clue on what to do, to being able to build my own house. All of this will be thanks to Isagoodman and Awrinna stardust which I cannot tell the real name. And also thank you mr. google if I dont know something and I needed help.


Final Design

I ran out of time. It was pretty busy three weeks for me. This is my last post beside the conclusion or reflection. Now my house is almost finish but this will be my last post regarding it. I will still continue to build and better my house if I have the time.

As of now I almost finish decorating the inside of the house. I have done the floor. I made little adjustment. I also made a weird looking space. I probably should give it more emphasis on it when I have the time. Introducing the Aquarium.



Nothing fancy. I have jelly fish, lots of sea weed to keep them alive. I have fish (school of fish), I have shark and also a turtle. I also have a Squid somewhere there. I dint made those but I found them all in my inventory. I dont know where they came from but I got interested and added it on the empty space. I should add more details for that next time I log in.

Inside of my room. I have finished my bed and some paintings. I asked Isa for help regarding my bed. I ask if he have any sculpter for bed and luckly he got one. At first we had a problem regarding the authorization but soon after he figure it out and I was able to use it.


Next is the paintings and the furniture beside it. I have made a painting base on my favourite game right now. Dark Souls 2, I was just fascinated by this game. Making Paintings was actually pretty easy. I made the furniture on side but not the tree. I bought the tree on market and use it as my display. Unless I make a banana or apple sculpted that are available on my inventory.

Painting Painting and Cabiney

The last thing I was able to do is a little things on my roof top. It looks like this now.

outside overview

Im still missing some parts but that will do for now. I have the picnic table and the grill set. I made the grill and just bought the sausage and burger patty. I havent done the utensils yet but soon I will do it. I just dont have enough time. I made the grill spit a little fire so that it will look great and added with smoke. It was a bit of cleverness or cheating I would say. I read that you cannot make two effect at one prim so what I did is I made a square, flatten it out and made it invisible and then I added the Fire Script. Then I made a Half round shaped a little bit and added a texture and there you have it a live fire. I did this all same to my fireplace.

Grill with smoke and fire

There you have it house with three floor and a barbecue on top. Thank you for reading my post.




Initial Design Build / Problem I Encoutered

Hi there,

Been a while since my last log in in to this game. I was doing a lot of stuff on other course like my Networking, Database and Animation 1. I finished my work on Networking and Animation 1 and Half way there to database. This day I want to focus on finishing some of my interior design. My only problem and been my problem is time management I seems to be bad at it. Even though I spent my whole 2 weeks doing all my assignment I think I dint made it in time.

I’m trying to setup my second floor now. I have chosen some picture (Fireplace) and I wanted to remake them in my house. Here are the photo of those fireplace.

Fireplace 1 stone

A stoned fireplace with good design. And will sure to catch your eye. Very unique in my opinion. I love this design.

Fireplace 2


I had a photo of this type of fireplace but  I tried to search it again and I cant seems to find it. I loved this one as well. I just made an initial drawing that resemble of what I remember. This is also the reason I ask Claire for Stones and Luckily she have lots.

For the finished product here is what I made. I also added the firewood and the fire for this one. I made little adjustment because I dont have much time and capability to copy it as exact replica. But as much as possible I tried to get the idea.

Fireplace MUV 2 Fireplace MUV 1



The next thing I want to show is my initial receiving area. I’m not sure if I want to change this more or just leave it as is. I have created the Entertainment Set with TV and the speakers on sides. I also added the table I made. The chairs I just bought them on the market for around 10LD. I’m not sure I forgot but I remember that it was very cheap.


I hope you guys will like it. The second floor one I’m having a hard time thinking of a good layout. That is probably my other weakness. Is that I’m not a good designer. I was just thinking of adding a bed, table and some painting. If I do that the place will look empty in my opinion. I will try my best and finish all the stuff before the deadline. Greatest enemy is everyone is time.

Initial Plan / Build

This week is a bit late on posting. I’ve been doing some texture as of the present. I will only be posting what it should be posted for this post. I’ll do follow up on the next post. I have made my decision for the design I’m taking the ‘Wooden House’ The 3rd picture on my previous post. I have made my first move on making the foundation of the house. Here is what the First Floor looks like Bottom part

I have decided to make the whole house looks like a old but looks new wooden house.  I decided to make a little changes to fit what I like. Here is the house design.

Down Stairs


Green is the foundation. Feels like needing it for the design even thought its useless in this game. Sofa and tables are in the middle so thats my living room. I have a TV as well for entertainment purpose. Fireplace for winter time. Large window at the back for lighting inside the house. Stairs are also placed in a well mannered location.

For Second floor I wanted it to be my room. here is what it looks like. My initial build looks empty at the moment. I only have the big window infront.

Second Floor2nd Floor


As usual Yellow are stairs. Two or more painting and a Divider for the bed or the other part of the house. This place still looks empty but when I finish the whole place I might add another extra things so that it wont look like big nothing space in the middle.

And Last part is the upper area. I kind of like this part its open and it looks good.

Top FloorTop Floor design


So thats the upper floor this is where I want my lunch or dinner to be it looks great. I have made good fence as well.  For my grill / kitchen I dont know what to do with it. I’ll probably just do it as a grill that has smoke and coal in it or do a whole kitchen. I’m still deciding there base on my remaining time.

Over View


The whole house / Initial build will look like this. Oh yeah noted that outside is a grass. I have a plan to design it but I have to finish whats inside first.

The Planning

I wanted to do Building/Scripting/Texture and doing some infrastructure. But base on our given time that wont work. So I only decided to do more on Building/Scripting/Texture and no more infrastructure.

My Initial Plan was to make a building in the middle of the ocean like the video on my previous post about openSim. Although time wise that wont be easy.

I searched some photo design for my house and I found three.


First is this house. If I do this I will sure require time as well. So time wise I said no.




This house is well it looks good on eyes. Just thinking in doing this is like nightmare. Will sure take time, I was really keen in using this design but yet again time management it wont allow me. I said pass, ill do you next time.




Now I found something good and easy to do. Time wise check and design check as well. So I decided to make this house. I want to make it but not exactly looks like it. I don’t want to copy and paste so I will edit some in my taste.

SL Community Standards

●A brief description of the six standards and a link to where they can be read

  1. Intolerance —  This rule focus more on people being mean to others. Abusive words such as marginalizing, belittle or other form of abusive expression even a picture that reference race, ethnicity gender, religion or sexual orientation is not allowed with in Second Life.
  2. Harassment — Harassment is more likely same with intolerance. Communicating or behaving which cause or may be offensive to people can be called harassment.  Behaviour like sexual favours, annoying somebody or anything that alarm harassment.
  3. Assault — Second life is suppose to be a safe place. Assault in second life means pushing, shooting or anything that hits you. Even using scripted objects which target a resident is considered as assault.
  4. Disclosure — Also means privacy. Sharing information about someone like Name, Gender, Age, and so on without the consent of the resident is prohibited. Even monitoring chat, posting on chat log is also prohibited.
  5. Adults, Regions, Groups, and listing — Second life is an Adult Community but ‘Adult’ Content are not allowed in second life main area. Its only allowed on private place. All adult content falls upon Adult Maturity  Definition. I think you have to be atleast 18yrs of age if you want to access adult content.
  6. Disturbing the peace — Disturbing an event, unwanted advertisement, annoying sounds, stalking, or anything that disturbed the peace of a resident will be called disturbance of the peace.

Anything that violates any of the law will be prosecuted. Just kidding,  this law are simple to abide. This Big six can be brought down to only two rules. Love your neighbouring resident and love your self.


● Why you think they have been created .
Rules protect people from themselves and others.
Decisions aren’t made capriciously, in smoke-filled rooms,
and to the benefit of one person or group over another.
But the rules and policies spelled out in a sound governance document aren’t just important administratively.
They also benefit people in several different ways.
● How you would make sure you do not violate the standards
I would constantly have to remind myself that they themselves created the rule, and usually for a good purpose. Rules are like any number of instruments.
In the wrong hands, they can become weapons; in the right hands,
they are the essential tools we need to get things done.
● A brief description of what to do if you think that someone else is abusing the standards .
You won’t break *their* rules, and they won’t break your rules its as simple as that. Report them immediately as soon as possible rules are meant to be followed. If a rule is implemented on a community there should be no exceptions. Also its is their obligation to justify and review people who has abused the standards thoroughly.

Protecting Intellectual Property

As we all know that second life is about building, creating and imagination. Most of us build inspired by real objects like car, jet, house and even artist. So if you are building dont copy the trademark, Logo, Brand name, distinctive appearance .That is where Intellectual property comes in. And also instead of doing something like ‘Njke’ = ‘Nike’ at least make something that is you or unique coming from you.

You can use trademark, logo brand name or any other branded property as long as you have the permission to do it. When you register on Second life you were prompted to read Terms of Service and DMCA Policy. It stated there that you cannot use such a thing when creating unless you have permission to do it. People who have the right to complaint about there brand/trademark being used.  And the rightful owner of the intellectual property can take direct legal action against you in real world.

If you want to read more about the real world intellectual property law of New Zealand you can get it here.

With millions of object in second life how do they deal with Intellectual property issue? Simple only when somebody complains about the property being coped illegally.  All they need to do is submit notification of infringement submitted to this address

Linden Research, Inc.
Attn: Legal Department
945 Battery Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Copy Bot

This is actually a powerful to debug virtual world second life and for backup purpose. It is used to export and import objects in second life.  Then it was release in libsecondlife  so that people can download. People downloaded it then edited and recompiled and used abusively. People can get a copy of object, avatar, costumes and mostly all of other stuff. People made it like a business around before 2008. Selling the program for Lindel Dollar.

Business in Second Life was force to shut because they were afraid of getting copied. By April 2008 the selling of Copybot was banned. And the use of this program now violates the Linden lab agreements.